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Troparion of St Joseph, Tone 2

O Joseph, proclaim to David, the ancestor of Christ our God the great miracles you have witnessed. You have seen the virgin with a Child, given praise with the Shepherd, adored with the wise men, and the Angel of the Lord has appeared to you. Intercede with Christ God that he may save our souls.


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Date: Sunday, 5 July 2015.

Commemoration of our Holy Father St Athanasius of Athos, Founder of the Great Lavra.

Saint Athanasius of Athos, in holy Baptism named Abraham, was born in the city of Trebizond. Orphaned at an early age, he was raised by caring nun, Academically gifted, Abraham was taken to Constantinople, and eventually taught the intellectual elite. There he met St Michael Maleinos (July 12), abbot of the Kyminas monastery and his nephew, Nicephorus Phocas, a military officer and future emperor. They remained lifelong friends. Abraham entered the Kyminas monastery and was tonsured with the name Athanasius. Guided by God, he came to a place called Melanos, at the very extremity of Athos, made himself a cell and began to live an ascetical life in works and in prayer.

After great spiritual struggles, St Athanasius received the gift of tenderness , and many were attracted by his spiritual paternity. Emperor Nicephorus Phocas, having had enough of military exploits, had vowed to become a monk and from his means besought St Athanasius to build a monastery. In it were churches and a trapeza (dining area), and a hospice for the sick. Brethren flocked to the monastery from everywhere. The saint established at the monastery as cenobitic (communal) on the model of the old Palestinian monasteries. Divine services were conscientiously served.

The Heavenly Patroness of Athos, the All-Pure Mother of God Herself, favored the saint. Many times he saw Her with his own eyes. Once there was such a lack of provisions that the monks quit the Lavra. The saint remained all alone and, in a moment of weakness, also considered leaving. Suddenly he beheld a woman coming to meet him. “Who are you and where are you going?” She asked quietly. “I am a monk here,” St Athanasius replied, and spoke about his worries. “Would you forsake the monastery which was intended for glory from generation unto generation, just for a morsel of dry bread? Where is your faith? Turn around, and I shall help you.” “Who are you?” asked Athanasius. “I am the Mother of the Lord,” She answered, and bid Athanasius to strike his staff upon a stone. From the fissure there gushed forth a spring of water, which exists to this day.

The brethren grew in number, and the construction work at the Lavra continued. God revealed to St Athanasius his impending end. The saint put on his festal habit and went up with six of the brethren to the top of the church to inspect the construction. Suddenly, the top of the church collapsed. The brethren with great weeping began to dig out their father from the rubble, but they found him already dead.

Troparion of Athanasios Tone 3

Guide of Orthodoxy, teacher of piety and holiness, star of the universe, glory of hierarchs, wise Andrew, inspired by God. By your teachings you enlightened us all, O Harp of the Spirit. Intercede with Christ God for the salvation of our souls.



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His Beatitude Gregorios III Laham Patriarch of Antioch and of All the East, of Alexandria and of Jerusalem of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in communion with Rome.

Our Patriarch Gregorios III has asked us all to offer our sacrifices during this time for the people of Syria and Lebanon who are suffering, offering these petitions with our daily prayers, ...”so as to accompany the situation (in Syria) with prayer, hope and optimism, for God protects Syria, as he is God of peace.”

For all Christians, that their hearts may be confirmed in true faith and kept from false doctrines, that they may be united in thy Church, and be children of the light and of the day, we beseech thee, O Lord.

For leaders and members of Parliament, that they may be enlightened, and follow the ways of understanding, compassion and effectual co-operation, in order to improve social situations, let us pray to the Lord.

Grant to all the inhabitants of this country faith and love, that their hearts may be confirmed in understanding and peace, we beseech thee, O Lord.

For all Christians who are sad and in need of thy compassion and help, that Thou mayst be for them, O Christ, a God of goodness, comfort and healing, we pray thee, O Lord.


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Most Rev. Nicholas James Samra
Melkite Eparchy of Newton


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Rt. Rev. Arch. Mark Melone
Saint joseph Melkite Greek Catholic Church